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Healing the Feeling Child by Pam Leo

I would also like to stress that the younger a child is the more we need listen and pay attention to their non-verbal cues. They can’t express to us what they are feeling with words. Crying is the way they communicate that they need something from us. This is a great workshop video to get you started on some of the concepts that we as parents struggle with. You are not alone this happens to all parents and emotions are human expressions, it is how we learn to express them that becomes a problem.

“If someone is crying they have a reason, it doesn’t matter that we don’t know what it is!

CRYING is NOT misbehavior! Crying is HEALING behavior and that is very difficult for us to accept in view in the conditioning we have had.

We validate all feelings, we accept ALL feelings, feelings aren’t RIGHT or WRONG they just are…….It is not a fact it is a feeling!

When we accept all feelings remember accepting all feelings does not mean we accept all behaviors………..We can accept that they are angry but we can’t accept the way of expressing angry behavior. It becomes our job to teach children acceptable ways of having their feeling, not judging their feelings right or wrong……….One of the most difficult feelings to respond to is anger and the reason for that is most of us were not allowed to have our anger and most of us did not have models of acceptable ways of expressing our anger.”


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