“The Mean Streets of Kansas” Podcast (Reaching Daddies too)

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Oh what a great time my husband and I had with TMSOK! It was a real authentic conversation and my attempt to get daddies more involved and in the know about pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. Birth is not something that just happens to a family, every member of the family is an active part and I want families to know they have options. If you would like to hear more of “The Mean Streets of Kansas” Podcast, check out the pages below. They are actively looking for sponsors and for the opportunity to help you get the word out about your business or brand!

Our plan to grow the podcast is to get local (eventually non locals also) talent on the show to promote their business, fighters to promote their brand, etc…we plan to do this by casual conversation. If someone watches the podcast they will get to know people better, learn about their business, learn about their brands etc. We are just big on helping people promote their shit. We feel that if everyone supported their friends like we do then everyone would be successful(or have a second source of income doing what they enjoy)


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Rigo and Carmen with “The Mean Streets of Kansas” crew (Jack & Pedro)