Preventable Lifestyle/Diet Issues

Avoiding Unnecessary Intervention during Pregnancy

Evitar Intervenciones Innecesarias Durante el Embarazo



Avoid unnecessary intervention by taking care of your body, mind, and spirit during pregnancy. Eat unprocessed whole foods and get up and move. And don’t forget to find ways to de-stress your body.
What do you do to stay healthy??

Evite la intervención innecesaria cuidando su cuerpo, mente y espíritu durante el embarazo. Coma alimentos enteros sin procesar y levántese y muévase. Y no se le olvide de encontrar formas de desestresar su cuerpo.
¿¿Qué hace para estar sano??

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Vaginal Deliver is Possible after a C-section (VBAC)

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

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Vaginal delivery is POSSIBLE after a C-section! You may have to travel or look outside of your area for help but it is possible. If you have to interview many providers that is okay. Look until you find the one that will support you in your decisions. Sometimes we forget that a provider is a hired consultant you don’t have to do everything they suggest. You make your own decisions based on their recommendations. And if something doesn’t seem right you have the option of getting second opinions. It is not mandatory to stay with the provider you started with. For the most part, birth is safe until we start intervening with the process. One intervention leads to another and another. Don’t look at clock look at the baby and mother. If mother and baby are doing good let the process be. NO NEED TO RUSH THEM!

¡El parto vaginal es POSIBLE después de una cesárea! Es posible que tenga que viajar o buscar ayuda fuera de su área, pero es posible. Si tiene que entrevistar a muchos proveedores eso está bien. Mire hasta que encuentre el que apoyará sus decisiones. A veces, olvidamos que un proveedor es un consultor contratado que no tiene que hacer todo lo que sugieren. Usted toma sus propias decisiones basadas en sus recomendaciones. Y si algo no parece correcto, tiene la opción de obtener segundas opiniones. No es obligatorio quedarse con el proveedor con el que comenzó. En su mayor parte, el parto es seguro hasta que comencemos a intervenir con el proceso. Una intervención lleva a otra y otra. No mire el reloj, mire al bebé y la mama. Si la madre y el bebé lo están bien, dejen que el proceso sea. NO HAY QUE APURARLOS!

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Local Meat Delivery in Kansas



Are you looking for sources to buy local meat? A farm where you can meet the farmers and see where the animals are raised?  Well, look no further.  Did you know Dale Family Farms out of Protection, Kansas delivers all over the state of Kansas? They deliver every month here in Dodge City. They currently have a list of drop off locations and if you can’t find yours on their list you can give them a call and see if you can make that possible.  Check out the calendar for Dale Family Farms .

Not only will you be supporting a local business but you will be paying people who care about the animals they are raising. When you purchase whole food to create your own healthy dishes it is an investment.  If you eat well you will feel well. The less processed the food you are consuming the more you will be getting out of it.  Sure processed food is cheaper but you have to buy a lot more of it to feel satisfied. Don’t forget to calculate the health care cost of getting ill because your body is nutritionally running on empty. 

What is it that I like most about Dale Family Farms? Well, first of all, they come to you! You order online from the comfort of your own home and pick it up at the drop off location on the scheduled date.  Second is that they have grassed finished beef.  What is the difference between grass finished and grass fed? Well, if it is just grass-fed beef, that cow may have been pasture raised the first part of its’ life but finished off with grain.  A pasture fed cow is turned into a feedlot cow the final days of its’ life to fatten it up. Grass FINISHED beef was on pasture up until the day it was butchered.

If you would like more information please visit their website.  They have lots of great information on how they raise their animals. 

Keep it Simple, Keep it Whole, and Keep it Local!