Lactancia Latina en el Suroeste de Kansas

Lactancia Latina en el Suroeste de Kansas es una coalicion de lactancia materna local. Se dedica a proveer recursos para madres en Espanol en el Suroeste de Kansas. Latin Lactation in Southwestern Kansas is a local breastfeeding coalition. They are dedicated to providing resources for mothers in Spanish in Southwest Kansas. Nuestra misión es promoverContinue reading “Lactancia Latina en el Suroeste de Kansas”

Other Doulas

Western Kansas Birth Keeping, LLC Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Services! Cheyenne Townley (785) 639-8808 Shansy Flax Doula Services Shansy Flax (785) 731-1125 Trifecta Birthing Doula Services Elizabeth Hyde (785) 259-1647

Ford County Breastfeeding Coalition

Did you know Ford County has a Breastfeeding Coalition? Well they do! ¿Sabía que el condado de Ford tiene una Coalición de lactancia materna? Pues si tienen! Meet Jennie Toland, the Executive Director for the Ford County Breastfeeding Coalition: Conozca a Jennie Toland, directora ejecutiva de la Coalición de Lactancia Materna del Condado de Ford:Continue reading “Ford County Breastfeeding Coalition”

Choosing Home Birth Newsletter

I wanted to share a wonderful newsletter. I read it when I went to pick up some Pure Encapsulation vitamins at the Chiropractic Office of Dr. Lauren Quint.  Click here for the Fischer and Quint Chiropractic Facebook page. Home birth has been making a comeback in many parts of the world. That is very excitingContinue reading “Choosing Home Birth Newsletter”