Choosing Home Birth Newsletter

I wanted to share a wonderful newsletter. I read it when I went to pick up some Pure Encapsulation vitamins at the Chiropractic Office of Dr. Lauren Quint.  Click here for the Fischer and Quint Chiropractic Facebook page.

Home birth has been making a comeback in many parts of the world. That is very exciting news! Around this area most women are told that giving birth in the hospital is the only way to go, but it is not.  We have very competent midwives serving our area. I would like to acknowledge that every woman is different. I always say, “Not all women should birth in a hospital and not all women should birth at home.” That is why it is important that we give women all of their options so they can make an informed choice based on their unique circumstances. If women feel supported and heard they will ask for help but if we insist that we know what is right for everyone and that there is only one way to birth, we are loosing their trust.  In whatever environment a woman decides to birth, it is important that she has her autonomy.  As professionals we are there to assist the women, we are not there to make the decisions for them. You can find so much more info in the newsletter below, Enjoy!

The Chiropractic Office of Dr. Lauren Quint, provides quality care with the following services:

  • Spinal analysis
  • Specific instrument adjusting
  • Traditional adjustments
  • Massage therapy
  • Weight loss for better health
  • Acupuncture 

Contact Info:

Dr. Lauren Quint


2000 N 14th Ave., Dodge City, KS, 67801

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