Three Valuable lessons I learned as an ENTREPRENEUR

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Three Valuable lessons I learned as an ENTREPRENEUR

You only have 24 hours in a day. Every time you choose to do one thing you are saying NO to another.

1. KNOW what you WANT

 If you don’t know what you want, someone or something else will decide for you. Decide what is important and prioritize your time. In a world full of distractions getting off task is very easy. Each morning remember why you started and catch yourself in those moments where you focus has gone astray.

2. KNOW when it is time to LET GO

When you hold on to something that is no longer serving the purpose or goal you have set for yourself, LET IT GO. This is like taking 1 step forward and then 2 steps back. Are you going in the direction you envisioned? If not then sit down look at your calendar and see where you are investing your time. Where do you need more time? Be honest with yourself and do what intuitively you know is correct. You can feel when something is for you and when it is not.

3. DON’T take things PERSONAL

Not everyone has the same vision you do. Everyone has their own perspective on life. AND THAT IS OKAY! “Your vibe attracts your tribe” do what you know is right and stay focused. Any feedback you get from others, positive or negative, use it as constructive criticism. Stay humble and motivated. Those that are committed to the same goals will start to appear. YOU must keep going. If you get behind or you hit a bump in the road don’t QUIT instead take a break. “Your only LIMIT is YOU!” -unknown


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